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== Specifications ==
== Specifications ==
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! scope="col"| Github repository
! scope="col"| Github repository
! scope="col"| link
! scope="col"| link

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ESP8266012E adapter board



FESP8266012E adapter board bottom
Esp8266-12F adapter board top
  • PCB for ESP-12F with ESP-01 compatible pinout
  • Easy upgrade ESP-01 projects (reuse programmer and application)
  • 8 additional output pins (IO4,IO5,IO12,IO13,IO14,ADC,IO15,IO16)

Esp8266-12F adapter board schematic



Pin mapping

Github repository link
esp8266-12F-adapter-board-to-header esp8266-12F-adapter-board-to-header
Mapping Name on the board Pin Function Schematic Pin R120N Isolated MOSFET connection.jpg Schematic Pin Pin Function Name on board Mapping
+ V+ P3-1 P2-1 P1-1 3/5V PWM input PWM
LOAD Drain connection P2-2 P2-3
- Source connection P3-2 P1-2 GND GND
To edit table: File:FR120N_Isolated_MOSFET_mapping.tgn