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  • Datasheets.png
  • OpenHAB
  • Octoprint
  • Node-Red
  • CNC-1419
  • Debug links


    Project naming
    Author Year Attributes Version Number
    Abr Description Abr Description Abr Description
    T Tinel 19 2019 S Sensor V 01
    M Motion
    W WiFi
    R Relay
    T Temperature
    A Actuator

    List of things

    Thing id Project code Date completed Software version Short description Link to project
    4080118 tasmota v8.1.0 03.01.2020 ff28cc0 Oled display with D1 mini Esp8266
  • Oled display with D1 mini Esp8266
  • 18fe34d578c1 T19SMWV01 01.05.2019 ff28cc0 Triple motion sensor (radar/ultrasonic/PIR)
  • Smart presence sensor T19SMWV01
  • 3c71bf36a9ca T19TSRAWV01 07.07.2019 ff7ed92 Temperature sensor relay actuator
  • Temperature sensor relay actuator T19TSRAWV01
  • 3c71bf36a9ca tasmota 14.12.2019 Temperature sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • ?? T19AWV01 ?? ?? Led strip actuator with mosfet
  • Wifi Led actuator T19AW01
  • Adapter PCB

  • ESP8266012E adapter board
  • Software

  • MQTTLens
  • OpenHAB setup
  • Home server management
  • Storage Wall

    Drawer 1 Drawer 2 Drawer 3
    11R - 68R
    91R - 1k8R
    10k - 82k
    2k - 9k1
    Led 603
    Led 5mm
    Pcb to Wire Displays
    4010 FAN - Brushless DC Fan
    5015 DC24V Cooling Fan Ultra Quiet Turbine Small DC Blower
    100k - 4M
  • 4pin Voice Sound Detection Sensor Module Microphone Transmitter
  • CJMCU-4466 MAX4466 Electret Microphone Adjustable Amplifier CMA-4544PF-W
  • 1N4148 Diode
    HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Module
    Switches uC PIC
    ILYGO® TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 Wireless Module GPRS Antenna SIM Card SIM800L Board
    PCF8591 AD / DA Converter Module Analog to digital conversion module
    IIC I2C 2004 204 20 x 4 Character LCD Display Screen Module
    Pin header 90 male Pin header male Bluetooth AC DC 220V 3V3
    Wemos Tripler Base Socket V1.0.0 For WEMOS D1 Mini
    LILYGO® TTGO T-Display ESP32 CP2104 WiFi bluetooth Module 1.14 Inch LCD Development Board For Arduino
    Wire connectors Pin header male Current sensor Power connectors
    HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Module
    ESP tools
    Geekcreit D1 mini V2.2.0 WIFI Internet Development Board Based ESP8266 4MB FLASH ESP-12S Chip
    FR120N Isolated MOSFET MOS Tube FET Relay Module
    Buck converter
    Pin header female RS485
    Boost Buck DC-DC adjustable step up down Converter XL6009 Module
    Relees 2x 443Mhz Tx Rx
    0.96 Inch 4Pin Blue Yellow IIC I2C OLED Display Module
    DC 5V 1CH Relay Shield V2 Version 2 For D1 Mini ESP8266 WiFi Module
    FR120N Isolated MOSFET MOS Tube FET Relay Module
    Buck converter
    Pin header female Real time clock Arduino Uno
    AC-DC Power Converter 110V 220V to DC 5V 700mA
    AC-DC Power Converter 110V 220V to DC 5V 700mA
  • SPDT Latching On/On 2 Position Miniature Toggle Switch AC 125V/3A
  • Micro switch push button 6 * 6 * 5 mm
  • Mini 360 3A DC-DC Converter Step Down Adjustable 3V5V 16V Power MP2307
    ESP8266 temperature sensor
    Bi-directional level converter 3V3 5V
    RS232 TTL
    AC-DC Power Converter 110V 220V to DC 5V 700mA
    FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter Module
    ESP8266 ESP-12F Serial Port Module
    SOP8 SO8 SOIC8 TO DIP8 Interposer board
    Wemos Mega +WiFi R3 Module ATmega2560+ESP8266
    BMS 3S 30A module
    LAN to LAN adapter
    Arduino Nano
  • DHT22 AM2302 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor
  • DHT Shield V2.0.0 For WEMOS D1 Mini DHT12 I2C Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module
  • Microwave Radar Detector Module RCWL-0516
    Boost Converter
  • ESP8266 ESP-01 Module
  • NodeMcu Lua CH340G ESP8266 WIFI IOT
  • HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Module
  • MOSFET High Power Heated Bed Expansion Power Module
  • MOSFET High Power Heated Bed Expansion Power Module
  • DC 5V/9V/12V/24V 1 channel Optocoupler Relay Module Support high and low trigger
  • Storage Rack

    5th Row
    11R - 68R
    4th Row
    91R - 1k8R
    3rd Row
  • Red box Battery Pack Spacer Radiating Shell Plastic Holder Bracket
  • 2nd Row
    Led 5mm
    1st Row Pcb to Wire