Wall Storage

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Drawer 1 Drawer 2 Drawer 3
11 - 68 R 91 R - 1k8R 10k - 82 k 2k - 9k1 R Led 603 Led 5mm BS138 Pcb to Wire Displays
100k - 4M 1N4148 Diode Jumpers PIR sensor Switches uC PIC
LCD 4x16 i2c Pin header 90 male Pin header male Bluetooth AC DC 220V 3V3
Wire connectors Pin header male Current sensor Power connectors Distance sensors ESP tools
Buck converter
Pin header female RS485 DCDC Buck Boost Relees 2x 443Mhz Tx Rx
Buck converter
Pin header female Real time clock Arduino Uno AC DC 220V 5V AC DC 220V 5V
Temperature sensor
Bi-directional level converter 3V3 5V
RS232 TTL AC DC 220V 5V USB - RS232 ESP8266
BMS modules LAN to LAN adapter Arduino Nano Temperature Sensors Presence Radar DCDC Boost
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